Dr Salt Review at Planet Of The Vapes

Dr Salt Review at Planet Of The Vapes by VapeMaster

Dr Salt Review at Planet Of The Vapes

Dr. Salt E-Liquids are produced entirely in the UK, fully TPD compliant and manufactured in an ISO 7 Class facility in Dorset. Unlike other E-Liquids Dr.Salt uses a salt based nicotine which captures the natural salts found in the tobacco leaf and this results in a smoother vape without any harsh throat hit. This allows the nicotine to be absorbed quicker into the body and give you the natural rush like you would get when smoking an analogue cigarette.

Vaping Dr Salt at higher nicotine strength 20mg is not the same as vaping 20mg traditional E-Liquid it’s much smoother and provides a rush much quicker for longer. This means Dr Salt will change the way you vape for ever.

The juice comes in smartly presented 10ml PET bottles which feature child-proof top caps. The labels are neat and colourful and display all of the relevant information you would expect, including warnings. At present there are currently six flavours in the range and we received all of them for review, but only five came in 5mg strength so I had to take a bit of a gamble and try out the sixth flavour in 20mg strength.

The juice can be purchased in one of three different salt based nicotine strengths; 20mg, 12.5mg and 5mg. I tried out all of the flavours in my Taifun GT-III which is currently fitted with a 1.2ohm coil and also in my Hadaly RDA which is fitted with a 0.6ohm Clapton coil.

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