NEW FOR 2019

NEW FOR 2019

Flavour profile for the
Fruitfull range.


Tropical is the taste of the ice cream we all love. Packed with perfect

pineapple, vanilla, ice cream, raspberry and lime – it tastes as good as the real deal.


A blend of sweet, seductive strawberry with a cool and refreshing cream.

Perfect for the great british summertime .

Delicious blends of Dark Berries, Blackcurrant and then that
strong Menthol kick at the end
A mixture of Fruits, Menthol and Eucalyptus to get your taste buds
going on a journey of flavours

This refreshing flavour from Fruitfull is a Mint flavour with a touch of Dark Berry.
The subtle Mint lifts the mix of of dark berries to give an overall flavour to remember

Short Phil Short fills

100ml, 50ml and 25ml

Short Phil is a premium juice line designed to give YOU
the customer amazing value E-Liquid.

We have cut down on price but not on quality
4 Flavours to choose in three sizes